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Testosterone / Libido Support


Key Features:

  • Naturally boost testosterone and reduce fatigue caused by physical exertion
  • Coleus Forskohlii Extract and Green Coffee Extract work synergistically to inhibit PDE enzymes, increasing the production and retention of testosterone, and preventing its breakdown. 
  • 85% of respondents reported improved libido when using Muira Puama, or ‘potency wood.’
  • Piperine dramatically increases the bioavailability and absorption of key testosterone boosting constituents.
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Testosterone is a man’s best friend! Our libido support blends time-tested and naturally derived supplements with modern explanations to help you synthesize and maintain heightened levels of testosterone, power through workouts, improve sexual fecundity and enhance the bioavailability of nutrients.


Product Details:

Thai Black Ginger Powder

Contains a number of PDE5 inhibitors that act as a natural replacement for viagra, without the side effects. This natural testosterone booster has been used for thousands of years to treat sexual dysfunction and increase libido, among other things.[1] It may also serve to improve physical performance by optimizing inflammation responses and metabolism.


Coleus Forskohlii extract (Forskolin)

This Himalayan herb has been shown to boost testosterone in men when compared to a placebo-controlled group.[2] It has also been shown to promote energy, stamina & concentration, support weight loss/weight management, and in animal/in vitro studies increase intratesticular levels of the enzyme cAMP- resulting in improved synthesis and secretion of testosterone.


Green Coffee Extract (Purcaf)

Similar to Coleus Forskohlii, caffeine has been shown to be a non-selective PDE inhibitor, reducing the breakdown of cAMP which could increase testosterone levels.[3] Studies have also shown caffeine can increase testosterone levels during strenuous exercise[4,5] and that these elevated levels of testosterone are also responsible for significantly delayed fatigue during exercise.[6] This non-GMO caffeine supplement offers 95% pure caffeine from green coffee beans. 


Muira Puama 5:1 Extract

This amazonian extract, known as ‘potency wood’ has the ability to block the PDE 5 enzyme that destroys nitric oxide upon contact. In a 1994 study by Dr. Jacques Waynberg, 62% of  men who were given Muira Puama reported that the extract “had a dynamic effect.” In another study by the same doctor, 85% reported improved libido, whilst 66% reported an increase in physical energy, stamina, lowered fatigue, and improved sleep.[7]



One of the first compounds found to enhance the bioavailability of other substances,[8] Piperine has been shown to increase the body’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients and drugs. It has also been shown to improve the solubility of cannabinoids, and dramatically increase their bioavailability. One study resulted in a 4-fold increase in the rate of absorption and a 2.2 fold increase in AUC value (total exposure over time) of their cannabinoid constituents.[9]

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Take one serving (2 Capsules) 20-30 minutes before bed.