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Sports Hydration Mix


Key Features:

  • All-natural way to hydrate, cut sodium, and add potassium to diets
  • Rich in electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements
  • Fulvic minerals are the ‘ultimate nutrient booster’
  • Enhanced nutrient delivery and absorption mechanisms
  • Boost and regulate nitric oxide levels, improving blood flow, oxygenation of muscles, and nutrient delivery
  • Increase bone density, and reduce acid buildup
  • Reduce inflammation and improve the immune system- train harder, for longer!
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A premium, natural, source of bioavailable electrolytes and nutrient delivery systems. Rehydrate more effectively, boost nitric oxide levels to support blood flow, limit lactic acid buildup and manage inflammation all in one go!


Product Details:

Coconut Water Powder:

Known for its hydrating power, our soluble coconut water powder is an all-natural way to replenish lost electrolytes and add potassium to your diet. With a natural abundance of vitamins (especially B vitamins), minerals and trace elements, coconut water is naturally isotonic and alkalizing,[1]  helping to restore the body’s natural pH balance while delivering a rich source of essential nutrients.


Fulvic Minerals:

The hard-to-obtain fulvic minerals offered in this hydration mix provide your body with improved oxygen flow, improved endurance, and increased micronutrient absorption,[2] helping to rehydrate faster- and more effectively. 


Red Spinach: 

One of the most potent forms of naturally occurring nitrates, red spinach boosts and regulates nitric oxide, increasing blood flow and nutrient delivery to the places you need it most! It is also rich in vitamin E and high in Iron- one of the body’s most powerful energy stores- helping to boost your energy levels throughout your workout, and the rest of your day.


Citric Acid:

As with all exercise, oxygen flow and management of acid levels is crucial to supply the muscles with the energy and stamina they need. Citric acid is a naturally occurring organic acid that is known for its anti-oxidative qualities, as well as its ability to treat high acid levels in the blood.[3]


Turmeric Powder:

Reduce inflammation and swelling with the addition of turmeric powder (curcumin). This naturally occurring, immunity-boosting, antioxidant can enhance antibody responses, improve mobility, and slow the effects of aging.[4]