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Key Features:

  • Full-spectrum hemp extracts work in synergy to induce states of calm and may assist improve states of rest.
  • Myrcene may increase the duration of sleep by up to 2.6 times.
  • Increases levels of naturally occurring phospholipids to reduce stress (cortisol) and be better prepared for a good night’s rest.
  • May help to actually fall asleep and remain at rest for longer.
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Our full spectrum sleep formula uses nature’s sedatives to help you combat stress, place you in a more restful state of mind, and increase the length and quality of your sleep.


Product Details:


This hemp extract has been shown to bind to the CB2 receptors on immune cells, helping to block inflammatory markers, and possesses anticonvulsant and sedative properties, which can make it effective in the regulation of sleep, as well as induce states of calm and relaxation.



Myrcene is a monoterpene found in hemp plants that work synergistically with cannabinoids, allowing them to better absorb into the blood-brain barrier and encouraging helping to encourage pain-relief/sedative responses. Studies have shown that Myrcene can help to increase sleep duration by up to 2.6 times.[1] 



This natural phospholipid is found within every cell in our bodies, and increased levels are conducive to a relaxed, peaceful state of mind.[2] In a nutshell, Phosphatidyl is a natural stress fighter (by reducing cortisol levels), which in turn can reduce restlessness and alertness that often brings on insomnia.[3] As a bonus, it also allows for the better utilization of glucose to give you more brain power/energy and clear brain fog during the day- in turn leading to better rest at night.


Valeriana Wallichii extract (Indian Valerian)

Valeriana Wallichii extract has been shown to improve sleep quality and modulate brain monoamine levels.[4] Similar to the cannabinoid profile found in our sleep formula, low dosages of this extract can lead to feelings of calm and prevent convulsions, and studies have shown it is effective in helping to actually fall asleep, and then remain asleep for longer.[5]