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Pre Workout Mix


Key Features:

  • Hydrating and balancing
  • Improve mental and physical energy, stamina and blood flow
  • Full-spectrum hemp extracts assist with recovery and inflammation
  • Amino acid complex lets you focus, without making you drowsy
  • Resistant to tolerance build-up
  • High in antioxidants and nitrates- delivering energy when and where you need it!
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This pre-workout blend will get your blood pumping, naturally increasing your energy and focus, keeping you hydrated, and improving your body’s stress responses to take your body (and your mind) to the next level!


Product Details:

Coconut Water Powder:

Known for its hydrating power, our soluble coconut water powder is an all-natural way to replenish lost electrolytes and add potassium to your diet. With a natural abundance of vitamins (especially B vitamins), minerals and trace elements, coconut water is naturally isotonic and alkalizing,[1]  helping to restore the body’s natural pH balance while delivering a rich source of essential nutrients to your muscles.


Jiaogulan Extract:

This extract is useful as an adaptogen, and can be used to augment the body’s ability to manage and react to stressful situations, like your intense training regime! It has also been shown to effectively increase vasodilation, improving cardiovascular health and blood flow, reducing blood pressure, and increasing nitric oxide levels.[2]



This amazonian tea leaf extract is rich in antioxidant power and naturally occurring caffeine and chlorogenic acids,[3] offering users the focused energy that we all desire, without the nervous/jittery feelings that are often associated with coffee. 


Green Coffee Extract (Purcaf)

This non-GMO caffeine supplement offers 95% pure caffeine from green coffee beans, with 200 mg per serve for focused energy and stamina!



Theacrine is not only responsible for boosting physical and mental energy levels, but it is also directly responsible for enhancing the neuronal pathways and plasticity of the brain by raising the levels and response of neurotransmitters like dopamine.[4] Moreover, users do not exhibit the same tolerance build-up as they do with caffeine, making Theacrine a powerful tool in boosting physical performance and may also enhance motivation and focus. 



This unique amino acid has been shown to increase activity in the brain’s alpha frequency band, allowing for the relaxation of the mind without inducing drowsiness. It has also been shown to combine effectively with caffeine to help focus attention,[5] and may have positive effects on sleep and recovery.[6]


Beetroot Juice Powder:

This underrated superfood is not only a great source of folate, potassium, and vitamin C, it’s also high in nitrates- increasing nitric oxide in the blood and allowing for improved absorption and delivery of these workout boosting ingredients!