#articles Thu, Aug 06, 2020

Quality from the USA

When we first dedicated ourselves to ECS Brands, we knew that many things were going to be priority for us. Technology, patents and research. Certifications like Organic and Non-GMO. Everything that we decided to put into our work had to do with what would matter to you, our consumer.

Something else that was very important to us was that we would develop our innovations and manufacture every part of our product right here in the USA.

From our base plant ingredients grown and harvested by American farmers, to our partners in extraction through development and manufacturing, every part of our process is executed here. 

Why do we do this?

This matters to us because we work with some wonderful ingredients that have a great potential to help usher in new eras of wellness and quality of life for those who choose to enjoy them. Knowing where these pieces of ECS Brands come from allows us to touch every part of the process. 

This allows us to ensure consistency and quality in everything that we make.

Our hemp crop is grown under the sun on American farms. Since 2018, when Hemp was revived as an agricultural commodity in the United States, we’ve been able to watch crops grow and become the basis of some of the most revolutionary products available to consumers today. 

By growing Hemp in the USA, we’re supporting the American farmers who have joined into this exciting wellness industry.

By using the optimal standards and practices, the hemp is utilized in a couple of ways. The seeds are the basis of hemp protein and seed protein powders like in our HempFuel. The plant, once grown, can be sent through an extraction process which allows for us to pull the precious compounds from the plant’s flowers.

These bases are used in a variety of applications and products under the ECS Brands umbrella of options. 

Our Commitment to our Community

At ECS Brands, it matters to us that your products are made with quality and care. It is also important that we’re able to work with amazing employers and manufacturers throughout the country. By doing this, we’re ensuring the best product care and manufacturing while being able to support vital communities around us.

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