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Elevate your workout

Everyone is always looking to take their workout to the next level. They can switch up or intensify routines and even get professional training assistance. But, what about after your workout? The same amount of thought should be going into helping our muscles recover.

After putting your muscles through tough work, being able to give them what they need to help rebuild and repair is essential, especially in what is known as The Anabolic Window.
The anabolic window (also known as the Metabolic Window or Protein Window) is the first 30 minutes to one hour after you complete a workout. Without the right proteins and nutrition, this can be difficult to facilitate optimal recovery.

There are many protein supplement options on the market, today and, whether you’re living with a plant-based diet or not, it may be time to consider plant protein.
Proteins that are made from whole plant extracts and ground seeds (like hemp seed protein) have shown to carry multiple benefits that can provide a quality addition to any routine.

Why hemp protein?

Hemp seed oil and proteins have been available in natural grocery stores for decades. Known for being rich in antioxidants and containing a beautiful balance of necessary omega-3 and omega-6, hemp seed protein is the most complete plant protein available today. Hemp protein is also rich in fiber and is considered a “complete” protein. There are other benefits to choosing a plant-based protein that you may not realize. For example, the plant compound of chlorophyll is a fantastic antioxidant and researchers have found that it reduces muscle soreness and shortens the recovery time.

There have been countless studies and reports that have talked about how increasing plants and fiber into a diet and wellness routine can have countless benefits for anyone, let alone someone adding in extra effort to increase their wellness. Choosing an optimal recovery option like a hemp protein can be just what you need to elevate your workout.

No matter what, it is always a good idea to take control of your own health and wellness initiatives. Take time to research options and talk to your physician to be sure that you’re doing what is best for your health and well being.

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